Bart Finzel

Associate Professor, Economics and Management
Award Year
PhD, Cornell University
MA, Cornell University
BS, Valparaiso University

Bart Finzel earned a bachelor of science in economics from Valparaiso University, Indiana, and a master of arts and doctorate in economics from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. He joined the Morris faculty in 1989. The nominations committee states: "Almost immediately upon his arrival on this campus, students were enthused about his classroom performance. This enthusiasm has persisted, and it has become clear that it accompanies demanding and highly effective instruction."

Finzel holds his students to high standards. "Students are wary of this reputation [of being tough] but never shy away from taking his classes. As students, we realized that the tougher the course, the more we learn, and the more we would retain," states Angel Gibson '96.

Reid Sorenson '98 states: "Bart believes that we will take what we have learned and create our own thoughts and ideas. He forced us to quit following and to start thinking for ourselves."

In addition to teaching and research, Finzel is viewed as a remarkable adviser and mentor. He is accessible, approachable, and familiar with student situations.

The nominations committee states: "The most effective undergraduate education entails high expectation for all students, active forms of learning, coherent curricula, and effective out-of-classroom opportunities. These characteristics describe Bart Finzel's philosophy and practice of teaching. Moreover, he embodies these principles in a way that transforms his students.”

(From the 1999 news story)

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Bart Finzel