Jon Anderson

Associate Professor, Mathematics
Award Year
PhD, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
MS, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
BS, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Andy Lopez, professor of computer science, and Engin Sungur, associate professor of mathematics, and statistics major Gina Garding '99, state: "...Dr. Jon Anderson is a rare jewel that shines even in an institution that is blessed with an unusually high number of gifted teachers. He helps his students to gain their confidence with his relaxed and informal style and leads them to success with various innovative techniques and tools. His endless energy, enthusiasm, personality, and knowledge continuously make a huge positive impact on the academic success of his undergraduate students."

Anderson has written extensively in the area of mathematics and, in 1997-98, received a grant from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs for further analysis of domestic violence survey data. He served as a co-investigator in 1996-97 for a survey on domestic violence in west central Minnesota.

Anderson joined the Morris faculty in 1994. He earned a doctorate in biostatistics, a master of science in statistics, and a bachelor of science in economics from the University of Minnesota.

(From the 2000 news story)

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Jon Anderson