Maddy Maxeiner ’76

Graduation Year
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BA, University of Minnesota Morris
MA, St. Mary's University of Minnesota

Maddy Maxeiner ’76, as a Morris philosophy alum, has used her numerous talents to benefit the University of Minnesota, Morris community. Beginning her career as a freelance writer, Maxeiner volunteered for state election campaigns and worked on campus through grants. In 1981, she became the coordinator of Alumni Affairs. Previously this part-time position fell under the duties of many other offices and positions.

Under Maxeiner’s leadership, the office of Alumni Relations grew. Today, more opportunities for alumni to connect with one another exist than ever before. Profile is written and edited by the staff of Alumni Relations and University Relations as a means of displaying the achievements of Morris alumni, students, and faculty. It began as a newsletter sent to dues paying members of the Alumni association, written and edited solely by Maxeiner. When the dues system was taken out, the newsletter adapted and became a university magazine called “UMM to You” and was sent to all alumni, parents of students, faculty, and staff.

The Alumni Association gained more visibility on campus under Maxeiner’s direction. When Morris’s 20th birthday was missed, she and several students planned events for a 21st birthday, in 1981, instead. She was also vital in procuring funds for the Student Center. Writing most of the communications to legislators, alumni, parents, and friends of Morris to gather support for the Student Center, her work was instrumental to the existence of this campus hub of student life.

Now the vice chancellor for External Relations, Maxeiner oversees the offices of University Relations, Alumni Relations, and Fund Development. She also served on several chancellor search committees, served as the Functions and Awards Committee chair, and as a member of the Campus Resources and Planning Committee. She earned her masters degree in philanthropy and development from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in 1997.

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Maddy Maxeiner