Marilyn Strand ’77

Graduation Year
biology, psychology
Award Year
BA, University of Minnesota Morris
MD, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Dr. Marilyn Strand '77 earned the 2018 University of Minnesota, Morris Alumni Association (UMMAA) Distinguished Alumni Award. An outstanding student at UMN Morris, Dr. Strand has been a leader in patient care for almost 40 years.

Leader in the Field: from Mental Health to Internal Medicine

Dr. Strand has enjoyed a nearly 40-year career in patient care. She began her work as a mental health counselor in 1979. Dr. Strand went on to practice internal medicine and provide urgent care services across Washington and Idaho.

Full Circle: from Scholar of the College to Distinguished Alumna

Dr. Strand holds a BA in biology and psychology from UMN Morris and an MD from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

As a UMN Morris student, Dr. Strand earned a Scholar of the College award for her academic achievements. She went on to earn a Certificate of Honor for her services at Cottage Grove, Washington. She was elected president of the American Association of University Women at Walla Walla, Washington. And now Dr. Strand has been honored by her alma mater once more.

In Their Words: "She has devoted her professional life to the care of her patients"

"Dr. Strand richly deserves the award as a testament to her dedication and high levels of humane performance," writes nominator Ernest Kemble, professor emeritus of psychology, who employed Dr. Strand as a lab assistant during her undergraduate days. "She has devoted her professional life to the care of her patients."

Dr. Strand will receive her award at the UMMAA Distinguished Alumni Award and Homecoming Banquet on Friday, September 21, as part of Morris's 2018 Homecoming celebration. 

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Marilyn Strand